Saturday, September 22, 2012

Morgan's Commercial College

After John Morgan decided to stay in Salt Lake City on his cross-country post-Civil War trip, he opened a school called Morgan's Commercial College. Google Books now has a copy of an advertisement for the college. (View and download here.)

The advertisement includes a list of the students at the college with many notable names among them. One person I noticed in particular is John Morgan's future beloved colleague, J. Golden Kimball. With the exception of the Cannons and the Youngs who are rather underrepresented, the list reads like a "Who's Who" of Salt Lake City.

[Update: See further notes about this pamphlet on Bessie's blog. John Morgan's Commercial College.]


  1. This is a great find Amy. And it clarifies where pages 51-58 in the "Life and Ministry of John Morgan" by Richardson came from. It pleases me to see My Great Grandmother Mellie Groesbeck listed as one of only twenty-one women in the Ladies' Class--though not for long--she did become the music teacher in her husband's school.

  2. Thanks, Bessie. For some reason I thought you had posted this already, but I didn't have time to go check your blog and I wanted to put it here to remind myself about it.

    I saw Mellie Groesbeck listed in the Ladies' Class, but did you see she's also listed on the second page as "Mrs. Mellie Morgan"?!

    And it looks like whoever was cataloging it for sale was primarily interested in Samuel Auerbach who attended the class of '68-'69.