Saturday, October 20, 2012

Patricia Lucille "Patty Lou" Wessman (March 13, 1957 - October 20, 1957)

Ann, Patty, and Craig.


  1. Amy -- Thank you for the posts this week on Patty. What a great tribute to her and Grandma and Grandpa. I grew up knowing I had to live a good life so I could have the opportunity to see her again, and have often wondered if she has been a guardian angel to me. There seems to be a relationship and love for her that I can't explain. Some days I wonder what life would have been like if she had not died and how our family would have been different and if having a sibling closer in age to me, besides Mark, would have affected my life. I loved reading about Ann and Rogers' experiences with her.

    Thank you for your dedication to families and ancestors and their memories.


  2. Thank you for your touching comment, Marie. It was a surprisingly emotional process to write these posts.

  3. Amy, Thanks for your website. I've been reading it a bit recently and appreciated remembering about Patty today. It was a nice reminder to think of Grandma Beverly and think with new light on some of the heartache and struggles she faced with the loss of her daughter. Grandma has been on my mind recently. I relate her experience to some extent due to our loss of Hope and Milli. Reading and seeing the images today has been nice, though sad, and yet comforting in a peculiar sort of way. I was a little surprised to see a photo (on one of Patty's pages) with her headstone sitting above the ground - I'm so used to it in its current form, embedded in concrete and flush with the grass from our visits to Hope and Milli's adjacent spot.

    Thanks for your time, efforts, and sharing in documenting our family history!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts, Mike. What complex experiences we can have in life! Best wishes and much love to you and your family.