Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amanda Hall Wessman Gravestone

While we're talking about all things Wessman, I thought I'd mention that cousin Emily and I are going to be heading an effort to provide a grave marker for Amanda Hall Wessman's grave in Salt Lake City. Here's the draft of the proposal we'll be sending to family members this spring.

(The grave marker will look different than the one shown; we're planning on including an engraving of the Salt Lake Temple on the marker.)


  1. This is a really neat idea to raise the money. I may have to "steal" this idea for the list of headstones I'd like to have placed someday.

  2. It's been interesting to see a number of markers placed on various family members' graves in both my and my husband's extended families. The fund raising part is mostly effective when other family members are approached personally or if the relatives have a particular interest in the ancestor.

    Here's the story of a grave marker I had placed with the help of several family members including a cousin who had been working on the family line. There were a number of things we did to keep costs down for Adeline's grave, including using a piece of remnant granite for the marker and making it a flat marker.

    If there were a larger family association, you may be able to do something grander, such as the markers installed recently on the William and Myra Myall Henrie graves in Bountiful and Panguitch, Utah. Here is Myra's marker: