Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Henry and Jean Wessman's Stillborn Son

The family records have never had a birth or death date for Henry and Jean Hayward Wessman's stillborn son, but I just chanced on a burial record for him, and have updated his information in Family Tree (the replacement for NewFamilySearch). His birth, death, and burial date is September 23, 1913.

Here is his death certificate. It was filed under "Wissman."

Here is the page showing his entry in the Utah Death Register.

The baby is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery in plot J-12-12-W-2 (or J-12-12-2-W). Is this by the graves of Henry and Jean Wessman?

It was a little emotional for me to suddenly come upon this record due to a similar loss in the Wessman family this past week; our thoughts and prayers are with our cousin and his wife and children.


  1. Very interesting! I pulled out my records and Elizabeth Ann Pugsley Hayward is buried in J-12-12-3E, so I suspect baby Wessman is buried with the Haywards who are the 3rd and 4th row off center street in section 12. I have never noticed a headstone with Wessman on it, I may need to go on a field trip this weekend to the Cemetery.

  2. Thanks, Emily! That makes sense.

  3. I didn't look at the Burial Register very carefully last night, but now that I'm adding sources to Family Tree, the Register does indicate that the burial was in the Hayward plot.