Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eva Overson Tanner: The First Glass Plate from the Overson Collection

This is the first glass plate from the Margaret Jarvis Overson Photography Collection. My father scanned it and adjusted the color. He's been posting some of the pictures on his blog, Genealogy's Star.

This is Eva Overson. She's wearing a ring; has she married Roy Tanner yet? She's sitting on a chair in the Overson living room in St. Johns, Arizona, hair bobbed and marcelled, wearing a hand-embroidered silk dress, textured hose and amazing 1920s shoes. Don't miss the Navajo rugs on the floor; those could be worth a fortune today.

First, the negative, then a blue version, then a black and white version:


  1. So neat. Did LeRoy always go by Roy? I didn't realize that.

  2. Usually, yes. And some of these family pictures are real treasures. Others are people we don't know, but it would be nice to get some identifications. It's a very historical collection.