Monday, January 14, 2013

The Well-Traveled Tanners

Wallace Tanner, 1970s passport picture.

Wallace and Maxine Tanner liked to travel. Here are some of the visas from two of Wallace Tanner's passports.

Japan, 1975.

Japan, 1975.

An Arabic country or countries, 1984.

Austria, 1984.

Croatia, 1984.

Egypt, 1984.

Israel, 1987.

Turkey, 1987.

Greece (?), 1987, and England, 1989.

Hong Kong, 1992.

Traveling through Japan on their way back to America, 1992.

And here's a bonus picture of Maxine traveling in 1976 with two of her granddaughters.


  1. Thanks for the fun post! {And who is that cute girl in the middle of the bottom photo? ;)}

  2. He was in Hong Kong at the same time I was.