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Elisha Bently Tanner and Family, Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York

Several of John Tanner's sons spent most of their lives in the northeastern United States. The oldest was Elisha Bently Tanner, son of John Tanner's first wife, Tabitha Bently Tanner.

Elisha was born in 1801 in Argyle, Washington, New York. He married Arvilla Ellis in Washington County, New York, in 1828, several years before much of his family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When his family moved west, Elisha moved east.

Elisha and Arvilla had at least three children: Miriam (born about 1832, New York), Myron Ellis (born August 29, 1832, Caldwell, Warren, New York), and Emily Arvilla (born March 29, 1839 in Manhattan, New York).

An 1839 Manhattan City directory shows Elisha B. Tanner, M.D., at 132 Liberty Street.

From Longworth's New York Registry and City Directory, 1839, 635.

An 1845 directory shows him at 254 W. Nineteenth Street. There are still doctors in practice at that address.

From Doggett's New York City Directory, 1845, 353.

The 1850 United States Census showing him living in the 19th Ward of New York City. Elisha is listed as a physician. In the household are his wife Arvilla, his daughters Miriam and Emily, and his wife's relatives Frances and Adaline Ellis.

1850 United States Census, New York City.

This 1865 map shows the 19th Ward on the east side of Central Park. The boundaries might not be the same as in 1850, particularly if Elisha's address was still on Nineteenth Street that year.

From David Rumsey Map Collection.

The family records list his death as March 11, 1858. I cannot find an obituary in the New York newspapers.

Elisha and Arvilla's son Myron Ellis Tanner became a lawyer in 1854, but lived for some time outside New York City in a small town named Clarkstown in Rockland County. The 1860 Census shows Arvilla and Emily living with him, and Myron was working as a farmer.

By 1868 they had all moved back to the city, this time to Brooklyn. Myron worked alternately in insurance or government or law. Arvilla kept house and Emily taught school.

Brooklyn City Directory, 1868, 601. 

The three continue to show up in the directories throughout the years. By 1880, Emily was a school principal. This is the last Brooklyn directory that lists her name.

Brooklyn City Directory, 1880, 570. 

Arvilla, Myron, and Emily Tanner lived together for many years.

1870 United States Census, Brooklyn, New York.

1880 United States Census, Brooklyn, New York.

Arvilla Ellis Tanner's death is listed in Ancestry as September 30, 1881.

The family moved around from time to time within Brooklyn. Here is a directory entry showing Myron working as a lawyer at 22 Court Street and living at 299 Gates Ave. An 1892 record shows him at 26 Court Street.

Brooklyn Directory, 1888, 629.

I have not been able to find any additional information about Miriam Tanner, the oldest child in the family. She seems to have died fairly early, since she is not mentioned in a letter written by her half-uncle Martin Henry Tanner in 1884. The letter says:
We heard that brother Elisha's family had received their circular [about a family reunion] through one of sister Matilda's children, don't know what action they have taken upon it. There is only two of them, Myron E. and Emily A. Tanner. They reside at 180 Halsey St. Brooklyn N. York.
Here is one last record showing the two siblings, Myron and Emily, in 1892.

1892 New York State Census, Brooklyn, New York.

I cannot find any death information for Emily. Family records note that she died in 1892. Myron Tanner died ten years later on December 11, 1902 in Brooklyn at the age of 70.  With Myron's death, the Elisha Bently Tanner family line seems to have died out.

Myron Tanner Death Notice, New York Times, December 15, 1902. Date of death: December 11, 1902. Age: 70. Address: 1157 Dean St., Brooklyn.

Here are a few news items about Myron: a note about when he became a lawyer, and a disagreement he got into with the Brooklyn political machine.

New York Times, May 17, 1854.

New York Times, November 7, 1886.

New York Tribune, November 7, 1886.


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