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Richard Litson Jr. Emigration Account, Part 6 of 7

Glade Family Line

Sunday, July 29 — The grass is wet this morning but it will be a fine day. We started and before we were a mile but of the camp a regiment of soldiers passed by us. We passed so many graves. Lawken K. Stevens, aged 14. E. Hunter, died 3 July, 1865. N. P. Wells, late of Biethan, Missouri, killed by Indians, aged 39 years. Ann Butler, died 24 July 1865, aged 12. John Cook, company C. Y., Iowa Cavalry, accidentally killed 28 Nov. 1865, aged 22 years, 11 months and 19 days. These were seen at the Old California Crossing and store of M. R. Beauvaise Star Ranch. We saw another grave named J. Louis Audiffre, died 10 June, 1866, aged 24 years. We intended to cross the Platte River but we did not cross (at) that place. We had a fair night.

Monday, July 30 - A fine morning. We traveled all day and in the evening we crossed the Platte River and we all got over except 2 or 3 wagons before dark. Then we had a little rain for about 3/4 of an hour and a little wind in the night. 

Tuesday, July 31 — A fair morning. We got the other wagons over and then went on 3 or 4 miles and camped for dinner. We remained there that evening. We had a cold night.

Wednesday, August 1 — A fine morning. We started that morning about 8 o'clock. We saw some Indians passing by. We camped about noon for dinner and traveled on again and camped about 6 o'clock for supper. We had a rather cold night.

Thursday, August 2 — A very fine morning. We started about 7 or 8 o'clock, camped for dinner and thought to go to North Platte, but at the end of 9 or 10 miles we unexpectedly found water and camped. There was a grave there named Johanna Brain Shane, died 24 August, 1844 (1864?). We had a fine night.

Friday, August 3 — A fine morning. We started again pretty early and went on a good many miles and camped by a house for dinner and went on again and camped (at) night by a creek running close by the road and had a cold night.

Saturday, August 4 — A dry morning. We travelled on and camped for dinner by the North Platte. We went from there at 2 or 3 o'clock. The first mule train passed here on the 30 July. It was a fair night.

Sunday, August 5 — A fair morning. We traveled on and camped again and by and by passed through some sand hills and a few miles further on (we) came where there were several soldiers, and after the wagons had all passed by but 1/2 dozen or so, they came forward and tried to claim some of our mules that had the U.S. brand on and took one. Well, we went on after and camped. We had a fair night.

Monday, August 6 — A fair morning. We went on from there again, and camped by a shop and a few Indians, and after we camped the captain and two teamsters rode in with the mule that was taken. Well, we had dinner and went on again and camped for the night close by the river. It was fair.

Tuesday, August 7 — A rather dull morning. We started on and saw many Indians. We went on some miles and camped. The sky cleared off in the course of time. Well, we went on and saw some more Indians; we camped. It was a fair night.

Wednesday, August 8 — A fine morning. We started again pretty early and on the road we saw some Indians and soldiers and some more further on. A little further on we crossed a bridge and saw Laramie on our left. We then stopped to be examined. While we were stopped a child of Brother and Sister Belle's died. We camped a little further on and buried the child by a large tree, by the side of a hill on our left. We went onward and camped by the river. It was a fair night.

Thursday, August 9 — A fine morning. We started and traveled many miles and camped by some ox trains. We started from here about 2 or 3 o'clock and traveled and had water at a creek that night. It was a fair night.

To be continued...

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Picture of the Platte River from USFWS Mountain Prairie, available under a Creative Commons License.

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