Monday, April 22, 2013

Anna Bengtsdotter of Östra Berg, Hjärtum, Göteborg och Bohus, Sweden

A couple of weeks ago we saw the birth record for Pehr Andersson. (Also "Per.")

Pehr (or Per) and his wife Anna are Johan Bengtsson Wessman's paternal grandparents, so they are shown to the left in the red part of this  family fan chart.

I'm going through these records for the first time in years and am wondering why Anna is twenty years younger than Per, and he doesn't show a prior marriage in the family records. Statistically, there should be either be a prior marriage or another reason for the late marriage, such as military service, or there's a possibility that we are looking at the wrong family. I will keep looking through the records, including the church census, and build a case for this being the right family, looking first at the birth of our ancestor Bengt Persson, and building the family around him.

But here is the birth record I currently have for Anna Bengtsdotter.

Year 1775. January. 30 December 1774 born and 1 January christened. Bengt Torstensson and Anna Andersdotter, baby girl from Östra Berg [Hjärtum], named Anna. 
Witnesses: ___ Anders Olofsson from Östra Berg and Olof Mansson from ___, Gunnur Torbionsdr from ___ Bordag. Mrs. Malin Andersdr from Mullnyröd.
And here is the marriage record I previously identified for Per Andersson and Anna Bengtsdotter.

[Västerlanda Parish, 1792 October] 28 ___ and ___ ___ Per Andersson from Rösebÿu in Forshella ___ ___ Miss Anna Bengtsdotter from Vesterlanda ___.
Anna was born at Östra Berg, a place which shows up in the earliest church census of Hjärtum (1792), but which does not seem to exist now, and unfortunately I have not been able to figure out the technical details to see the historical maps of Sweden, since I'm still trying to determine which Mac browser will work with a djVu plugin.

This map shows (A) Hjärtum, where Anna was born, to (B) Västerlanda, the place where she was married in 1792. The parishes are six miles apart.

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