Friday, April 5, 2013

Pehr Andersson of Helgeröd, Forshälla, Göteborg och Bohus, Sweden

Just one record today. This is the birth record for our Wessman ancestor Per Andersson of Forshälla, the father of Bengt Persson and grandfather of Johan Bengtsson Wessman.

The handwriting takes some getting used to. Here's a translation of the parts I can read.
January 18 
Anders Oloffson and wife Ingrid Olofsdotter ??. Son Pehr born on the 15th.
Witnesses: Nils Andersson from Helgeröd, Olof Hansson from Arneröd, Jens Andersson from Helgeröd, Mrs. Marin Olofsdotter from Forshälla, Miss Karin Olofsdr from ?, Miss Gunnilla Olofsdr from Helgeröd.
The farm where Per was born now seems to be spelled Häljeröd and since 1998 has been in the county of Västra Götalands. This was not the case before January 1, 1998, so the county should be listed in the genealogy as it was at the time, Göteborg(s) och Bohus, even if the genealogy program suggests otherwise.

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The Google Map includes some beautiful pictures of the adjoining lake. (Häljeröd)

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