Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Research on the Johan Bengtsson Wessman Family in Sweden

I realized yesterday morning that I am going about the presentation of the Wessman genealogy in a haphazard fashion. What I am doing is adding my previous research to FamilySearch Family Tree, and noting records as I see them. It can't make much sense to someone unacquainted with the family, though, so here's an attempt to make sense out of the many records and families.

Here's the Wessman family fan chart from a couple of weeks ago:

Most of my work has been on the left half of the chart (Johan's family), so here's a version of just that half:

I'll post this fan chart every time I present research and note which family is being described. I added this chart to yesterday's post.

A Few Notes About Swedish Research

Here is the Sweden page in the FamilySearch Wiki. It's still in progress, but it has some links to some good resources. The article "Finding an Unknown Father" is particularly good. 

Here is a simple guide to Swedish research: Your Guide to Researching Swedish Ancestors.

After I returned from my mission, I felt like I should learn Swedish, and I registered for a Swedish class, but the instructor was very young and was trying to teach by total immersion, which wouldn't work for my needs which would consist of reading and possibly writing Swedish, but rarely speaking it, so I dropped the class and have regretted it ever since. So until I go back and learn Swedish, I use lists of genealogy terms:
The picture of the Swedish-Norway border just north of the area where the Wessman family originated is from idleformat at Flickr and is used under a Creative Commons license.

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