Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: The Wessman Family in Sweden

An old house at a historical open-air museum in Tanum, Sweden.
From Christophe Dayer at Flickr.

After posting several rather technical snippets about the Wessman family, here is a quick review of the family history.

Our Wessman ancestors were farmers and farm workers from the countryside near the Swedish coast between Göteborg, Sweden, and the Norwegian border. 

(On this map, "A" is Göteborg, the city where Johan and Amanda Wessman lived before they emigrated to America. "B" is Romelanda, Johan's birthplace, and "C" is Tanum, Amanda's birthplace.)

I have previously written a summary of the family history. It explains things like the Swedish naming system (patronymics) and the family origins. Here is a link to the history. It's in five parts but is fairly brief. (The Wessmans in Sweden.)

This fan chart shows the current state of the genealogy. It is presented here in some of the the colors of Swedish folk art. Additionally, don't miss a cool collection of pictures of Scandinavian folk art to give an idea of the cultural background of the area.

Much of the original work on the family lines was done by Johan and Amanda's granddaughter, Edna Amanda Olsen Taylor. Others in the family have gone back and checked and corrected some of her work. I am now entering my sources and corrections into FamilySearch Family Tree. With the explosion in internet resources, there is plenty more work that can and will be done on the history of the Wessman family in Sweden.

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  1. Thank you again. You are an excellent historian and teacher--thorough and detailed. I enjoy learning something new here every day. Best wishes!