Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Mystery Photo: Young Charles and Margaret Jarvis Family

Wow! Look at this beautiful photo from today's "Mystery Photos" at Genealogy's Star! What a beautiful picture.

Since the youngest child looks about two years old and Margaret Jarvis looks like she is about to have her sixth child, this would be late 1889 or early 1890. The child she is carrying in this photo, George Frederick Jarvis, died when he was one year old. The family was very sad that they didn't have a picture of him, so the father Charles DeFriez Jarvis (farmer, dentist, politician, sometimes town doctor) outfitted himself with a photography studio and began taking pictures for the community. He was followed in the photography business by his oldest daughter, Margaret, standing at the back next to her mother.

Standing in the back, left to right: Charles DeFriez Jarvis, Margaret Jarvis, Margaret Godfrey Jarvis.
Standing, middle: Annie Prior Jarvis, Stella Jarvis.
Sitting: Arthur Jarvis, Charles Reuel Jarvis.

Happy Mother's Day!

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