Friday, June 21, 2013

Autobiography of John Herbert Wessman, Part 5 of 5

My son Frank came to Mackay to live and I put him in the drug store to help me. Herbert Jr. also came to Mackay. He wanted to get out of Ogden, so he located at Malad Idaho. He started in Malad and picked up a wonderful business. My wife Ruby had been ailing for some time. She had had one operation. She was not getting any better, so we moved her back to Salt Lake. I helped out in Church as a ward teacher, and I was put in as a member of the Sunday school board. Apostle Ezra Taft Benson ordained me to a seventy, Nov. 16th, 1947. 

Ruby my wife took very sick with cancer. I had her in the hospital in Salt Lake, she got some better, she died at home in Salt Lake Aug. 9th, 1946. I sold my interest in the store to Herbert and moved back to Salt Lake two years before Frank bought the store at Mackay. About this time Helen my daughter, who was in Spokane Washington, she and her children settled in Mackay Idaho. I done a lot of traveling around the country, but I was not satisfied. I just had to have something to do, so I bought a drug store at Sunset, Utah, but I sold that store in 1950 and moved back to live with Wanda and Ray at Bountiful.

While living in Bountiful, I got quite active in church work, then my granddaughter Renee married Dorian Gustavenson. Then another granddaughter Joyce got married and we went to her wedding reception and to the Logan temple. On our way home that night, Dorian went to sleep driving and run off the road, and was injured quite badly, and didn’t work for 5-6 months. Before this, Dorian’s aunt died and they turned this property over to him, and for him to take over the contract. He was injured quite badly and they asked me to come and live with them so they could make the payments on this home, which I did.

Yes, I came back to the thirty second ward from where Ruby and I came from when we were married, Feb. 10, 1904 in the Salt Lake temple. This was the ward where Ruby was born and where I bought a home and both of my sons were born, and I think it was a good move for me as the 32nd ward was always home to me. (My Danny-boy was born there, it seems that I loved him more than my sons and daughters – this is Renee’s boy)

In 1956 and 57 I was called to the California mission. Yes I went on this mission, I enjoyed it, gave me much experience. I truly have been blessed. No my only worry is for my family. I have many children and great grandchildren. I was ordained a high priest may 1st, 1958 by Jessie Warner of the Pioneer Stake. I was also called to be Genealogy Chairman of the 32nd ward about that time. Renee and Gus moved to Pocatello with Danny Boy and Darrel, yes and now, they have a little girl Tina. She weighed a little over four pounds when she was born. 

Now I am going to get my genealogy records up to date, Oct 18, 1960. I did not keep a record of my endowment but I have a complete record, name and date of each one. Yes it is my hope that I can continue on for the balance of my life in doing temple work. I know of a surety that God lives, that he hears and answers prayers. I have seen several healings of the sick, yes even unto death, but they were healed by the power of God, for I have seen several healings by the priesthood in my day. They were administered to and lived. I am living with Ray and Wanda Stevensen. I am still doing temple work, have 750 endowments and am helping out as a proxie. 

Died: October 21st 1970, King Hill Idaho.

Flickr picture: Mackay, Idaho (Jimmy Emerson).

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