Sunday, September 1, 2013

New School Year Starts ... Projects Resume

With the children in school, it's time to get back to work. Right now my top projects are:

The Eminent Women project is very busy right now. I'm processing dozens of family histories from the kind ladies at the Washington County DUP and will also start reading the Washington County court records as soon as the microfilms reach my regional Family History Center. The current women are:
  • Caroline Blake Hardy / Jane Mary Nugent Burke
  • Elizabeth Reeves Liston / Dolley Payne Todd Madison
  • Sarah Leaver Lewis Griffin / Anne Isabella Milbanke, Baroness Byron
  • Catherine Donald Rankin Pymm / Abigail Smith Adams
Perhaps someday I'll keep a record, but I would guess that I spend at least 40 or 50 hours on each biography.

I will not post any more biographies until after I read the court records, because I hope that they will solve some mysteries about some of the upcoming women.

This is a chapter for an ongoing series of biographies of Mormon women. Ella Bywater Valentine was the first woman dentist in Utah and the head of the Relief Society in the Swiss-German Mission, where she had accompanied her husband who served twice as mission president in the German-speaking countries. She left a charming memoir. I have been in touch with several of her cousins, but have had difficulty contacting any of the few descendants of her two adopted children to get permission to use a picture.

Additional Projects
  • I'm rewriting the Wikipedia article on HLHS, since it's pretty bad. I've already fixed a thing or two, but it needs extensive work. I'm currently working on the second section, "Causes," reading articles and books on the subject and reviewing the latest medical studies.
  • I have another project in mind that I won't mention now, since I'm trying to decide how much time and energy to devote to it.
  • Current projects at TheAncestorFiles include posting David Nathan Thomas's history, the history of the Southern States Mission, and Swedish family research. I also need to survey my father's amazing genealogical collection that's sitting behind my computer on a hard drive, and post as much content as I can.
  • Every now and then I do a little work on the history of the black slaves and former slaves and slaveholding families of Utah Territory.
  • And then there are the other things: family and church responsibilities, home renovation and maintenance projects, etc. I mention these last but they really take up most of my time and energy.

Life's busy, and it's good, but there are many, many things to do, and not quite enough time to do them all. In other words, I won't be posting too much here until I get caught up on the Eminent Women and Valentine projects, but eventually I'll finish the current backlog and resume posting more material.

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