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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 10, 1886

John Henry Smith. From Wikipedia.

[This is the first entry in the diary. It is out of order by two years. The next entries will be from 1884.]

March 10 [1886] We have been blest this conference with the teachings of Apostol John Henery Smith it appears to me we should never do wrong if we had such men with us all the time but we are left to ourselves and how weak we are  When we had Apostols with us all the time we was careless.  I think we shall see the time when visits will be few and far between and we shall have to [stand or] fall. Charley Maggie and Heber is living [at Nutrioso]. At [...] Sam at Mexico

John Henry Smith — John Henry Smith (1848-1911) was an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1880-1911. He was taking a short trip to the Southern settlements and his diary noted the day before this entry, "Pleasant. A Temple Association was Incorporated today."
Charley — Ann and George's adopted son Charles Godfrey Defriez Jarvis (1855-1919) was married to their daughter Margaret Jarvis, and they were living at the time in Nutrioso, Arizona. His father was a doctor, and Charley had picked up some medical skills, and he also later attended dental school in Chicago and ran a photography studio in St. Johns, Arizona.

Maggie — Daughter Margaret Jarvis Jarvis (1857-1934), married to Charles Godfrey Defriez Jarvis, living in Arizona, had four children at the time: Margaret Godfrey "Maggie," Annie, Stella, and Charles Reuel.
Heber — Heber Jarvis (1860-1953) was Ann's eighth child. He was born right after they arrived in Salt Lake City, the family including Ann just walked across the plains. He was living in Arizona, married to Susan Janet Smith, with one child, Heber Jarvis, and one (Jesse Rulon) on the way.
Sam — Son Samuel Walter Jarvis (1855-1923) was married to Frances "Fanny" Godfrey Defriez (the sister of Charles Defriez Jarvis) and was living in Mexico. Sam and Fanny had four children at this time: Samuel Jr., George, William Heber, and Frances.

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