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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 23, 1884

Thomas Punter Cottam. From Ancestry, courtesy of "RJ1842."

Sunday 23 — The Weather is stormy it is raining slightly Sky dark cloudy wind howling. I ought to be thankful for the rains in this barren desert to moisten the parched ground. I never feel happy in dull weather it is cold and miserable attended meeting Br Wooley spoke about his doings at the legislatere. ^it is still^ raining a little. Thomas & Emmeline was here this evening Em is not feeling very well.

Brother WooleyEdwin Gordon Woolley (1845-1930) (not to be confused with his half-brother, Edwin D. Woolley) was a son of Bishop Edwin D. Woolley and Louisa Chapin Gordon. He was one of the founders of Wooley Lund & Judd Merchantile, a member of the territorial legislature, and Washington County Probate Judge.
Thomas — Son-in-law Thomas Punter Cottam (1857-1926) was married to Ann's ninth child, Emmaline Jarvis. He was later mayor of St. George and Temple President.

"Em is not feeling well" — she was seventh months pregnant with her third child, Heber Cottam.

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