Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 25, 1884

The Charles and Margaret Jarvis family, Arizona.

[Tu]esday 25. Weather fine   I helped ^to^ Clean the Temple I took Aunty Johnson home in the buggy  attended my relief society. Anne had a ride in the buggy for a couple of hours with me   I have my face sun burnt it pain me very much.  sent a letter to Charley.   We had a [?] meeting we were peicing patchwork for [?]

[To the side:] [?] Sam [?]iever.

Aunty Johnson — perhaps a wife of Joel Hills Johnson or of Joseph Ellis Johnson. I can't figure out which family would have been in St. George at the time.

[?] — this entry is at the bottom corner of a page and some of the words are cut off where edges have worn away. I will continue to use brackets to indicate missing or indecipherable text or to explain something about the text.

^^ — In the transcription, these two characters with text between mean that something was written above the line, so in this case Ann wrote "I helped Clean the Temple" and then went back and wrote "to" above and between "helped" and "Clean," resulting in the transcription, "I helped ^to^ Clean the Temple."

Editor's note — Look at the clothing in the picture of Charles and Margaret and their children. The family is dressed in beautifully-made, well-fitting clothing. They were not wealthy people and not everyone showing up in the photos from this era was as well dressed, so this is evidence that Ann Prior Jarvis taught her dressmaking skills to her daughter Margaret, and that Margaret learned her lessons in dressmaking well.

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