Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 29, 1884

Eliza Brace Lund.
Picture courtesy of Andrea Leavitt and Sharon Tomlinson.

Saturday 29. Weather Stormy cold sleet spent the day reading kniting etc etc
Father is working in the wine cellar.
Bishop Judd came for Father to adminester to Sister Lund

Father — George Jarvis.

Wine cellar — At the bishop's storehouse.

Bishop JuddThomas Judd (1845-1922), bishop of the St. George First Ward at the time.

Sister LundEliza Brace Lund.

Meservy, Mike. "Thomas and Mary Ashworth Judd." In White River Valley — NOW and THEN — 1898 to 1980, 2004. (LINK.)

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