Monday, February 17, 2014

Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — March 30-31, 1884

Heber and Susan Jarvis. From GAPJ.

Sunday 30. Weather stormy. I have not been to meeting was bad last night
Father went to meeting. Josey & I spent the day reading ^evening^ Brig was ^here^
Josey studying her lessons. Anne sent me a piece of Pork [^indecipherable^]

[Written beneath the date, so perhaps on the 30th, perhaps on the 31st] Received a letter from Heber to night

Monday 31. Weather ^cold^ raining as usual. sent the cow in the herd. 
Spent the day working writing to Heber ^ect^. Brig paid me one dollar spent the evening played checkers with me.

Heber — Son Heber Jarvis in Arizona, married to Susan Smith.

"was bad last night" — Ann Jarvis was in poor health for much of her life. I don't know what condition or conditions she suffered from, but they were serious and disabling and undoubtedly treatable if she had had access to modern medical technology.


  1. I was just wondering what her health problems were.

  2. Yes, I wish we knew. I'll continue to look for hints in her diary, and perhaps go back sometime to read the historical fiction about the family to see if that mentions any specifics.