Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Catching Up, or "What to Do With All This Snow?"

It's been a snowy winter. We shoveled and we shoveled some more and were starting to wonder where we'd put any more snow. The piles of snow on the parking strips were higher than my kids. We couldn't see around corners in the car. 

And the potholes! An unusually early freeze-thaw cycle made roads look like something you'd see in a war zone. One road on the drive to church is so broken up that you can't drive straight in your own traffic lane. Someone joked, "You can tell who the drunks are because they're the ones driving in a straight line."

I feel like I'm snowed under with projects, too. I'm piling up sources on the parking strip and trying to see around corners and shovel a path through my to-do lists and project lists that seem to get longer and longer every week.

One spot of sunshine in a snowy winter (both literally and figuratively) was the news that an article I helped write a couple of years ago was recently posted on the Church History website, history.lds.org

It is a short biography of Green Flake, an African-American Mormon convert and member of the first pioneer company to enter the Salt Lake Valley, and it was very much an honor to be asked to help research and write this piece.

* * *

So, here's a brief mention of some current and upcoming projects at TheAncestorFiles and elsewhere:

(Upcoming biographies will highlight the Young-Bigelow-Mecham family)

• The "Slaves in Zion" Project 
(See, for example, biographies of Marinda Redd Bankhead and Hark Lay Wales)

• Posting Helen Rigby's biography of David Nathan Thomas

* * *

The picture is of the Niagara Falls region in 2004. Due to the lake effect, they get more snow than we do, but this is about how things looked this winter. Picture from Flickr, courtesy of "Bud," with a generous Creative Commons license.

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