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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — April 13–17, 1884

Sunday 13. A M Weather fine Father has gone to sunday school ^Em & Thomas was here in evening^ Josey is home It is a calm peaceful day of rest we ought to feel grateful for the Sabath day as being typicial of the thousand years of peace ^& rest^ when Christ shall reign on the ^earth^ ^I went to meeting^

Monday 14. Weather fine I have fresh cold on my lungs Anne came in The cow put in the herd today. Josey and I went riding
had a letter from Heber last night 13th

Tusday 15. Anne came over to borrow flour  I loaned her a tin bucket full I went to the temple & help clean. Father drove me down in the buggy and fetched me home  I was so tired I made tea for my dinner. We have lost the cow

Wednesday 16. had no milk for breakfast took tea Father has gone on horseback to hunt the cow Weather dull threatning to rain  my cough is very severe lose my sleep at night rest well in the morning Father rode horseback found the cow ^at night^ [In margin: in the afternoon rained]

Thursday 17. Weather had a shower of rain I am not well do not want any breakfast Father is gone to mend the bridge that pray will help him in his taxes. We ^[indecipherable]^ had a hail storm it is quite cold spent the day kniting reading ctr [etc.] coughing & Ctr Ctr

Detail of the St. George Temple used under a Creative Commons license from Michael Whiffen at Flickr. (Click on the link to see his beautiful collection of photos.)

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