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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — May 7–12, 1884

Roseinia "Rose" and George F. Jarvis.

7 Wed Weather fine   John [Miles] was here in the morning.  Anne was here in the afternoon & Rose [Sylvester Jarvis] I took Rose for a ride & Anne Smith. my health has improved slightly.

8 Thurs Weather warm I slept good after one this morning had a nice bath quite a luxury I would like one every morning  I am certain we should have less sickness if we bathed every day
[in margin: John started for home]

9 Friday Weather warm I am feeling better in health it threatens to storm the air is heavy and dark.
I have not accomplished much to day
[in margin: Sent a letter to Charley and Sam]

10 Satu  Weather pleasant spent the day kniting I took Sister Calkin for a ride in the evening she was very thankful. I have been mateirley better to day and feel very thankful for all the blessings I enjoy

11 Sun Weather fine Mary sent me a bottle of beer
went to meeting took Sister Loughe for a ridde. received a letter from Sister Johnson

12 Mon Weather pleasant.  Anne spent the afternoon with me took Eleanor for a ride her health is poor

Rose — Ann's daughter-in-law Roseinia Sylvester Jarvis (1857-1913), the second wife of George F. Jarvis (1847-1919). She was a schoolteacher.
Anne Smith — Probably Ann Maria Elmer Smith (1846-1898), a wife of William White Smith (1817-1887).
Sister Calkin — Either Marietta Symonds Barney Calkin (1810-1886) or Agnes Elizabeth Perkes Calkin Thompson (1840-1916), but probably the former.
Mary — Most likely daughter-in-law Mary Forsythe Jarvis.
Sister Loughe — Probably either Alice Hulme Thompson Lougee (1833-1898) or Sarah Ann Leavitt Lougee (1819-1899).
Sister Johnson
Anne — Daughter Anne Jarvis Milne.
Eleanor — Daughter-in-law Eleanor Cannon Woodbury Jarvis.

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