Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Myron Tanner Visits New York

This is an 1891 New York newspaper article about one of John Tanner's sons, Myron Tanner, the oldest son of his third wife, Elizabeth Beswick Tanner.

* * *

A Mormon Bishop at His Birthplace.

John Tanner of Warrensburgh [why Warrensburg and not Bolton Landing?] about sixty years ago embraced the Mormon faith and with his family went to Kirtland, Ohio, thence to Nauvoo, Ill, and with the Mormon exodus to Salt Lake. His son, Myron Tanner, aged about sixty years, has just returned to his native heath for the first time in fifty-seven years. His home address is Provo, Utah, where he is a high dignitary — bishop — in the Mormon church. He speaks laudatory of the future prospects of the territory, believing that when the mineral deposits and agricultural possibilities are fully developed and the territory admitted as a state it will have the greatest value of any state in the Union.

Daily Times (Troy, New York), "A Mormon Bishop at His Birthplace,"
May 7, 1891. From fultonhistory.com.

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