Monday, January 12, 2015

Samuel Linton's Birthplace: Mulvin, County Tyrone

Samuel Linton's birthplace has been a mystery to his descendants. His autobiography stated that he was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, but that's nonspecific, and his family recorded that he was born in Murbin, Tyrone, N. Ireland, but there is no such place. 

My father, James Tanner, has been looking for a birthplace for many years. Over the years he's looked through a variety of records in Utah and Philadelphia, but never found an accurate birthplace. He speculated that Samuel may have been born in a place called "Mulvin," close to Ardstraw.

Last week he was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and decided to go up to Special Collections and look at the temple records.

Samuel Linton and Ellen Sutton were married on April 26, 1858. She had recently left her first husband, Charles McKechnie, and for whatever reason Samuel and Ellen were not sealed until a decade later, on April 9, 1868. The sealing was performed by Wilford Woodruff, with W. W. Phelps and Joseph Lyon serving as witnesses.

When the sealing was performed, Samuel gave his birthdate as July 27, 1827, and his birthplace as Mulvin, Tyrone, Ireland, confirming my father's conclusion. 

Mulvin is a small place about a mile northeast of Ardstraw, another small place, where his father William Linton was born.

The coordinates are 54°45′00″ N, 7°26′00″ W.

My father notes that there is a Free Presbyterian Church in Mulvin, so the vital records may be in the Non-Conformist records there, or in the Presbyterian Church in Ardstraw.

The Linton family did a lot of genealogy about ten years ago, and I can't recall all the details of a visit to Ireland by one of the branches of the family, but I note that we all need to add some family materials and pictures to the family entries on FamilySearch Family Tree.

Picture from FamilySearch Family Tree, courtesy of SMSRogers. The picture has been cropped and edited.

Temple Index Bureau, Endowment Records, Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah, Family History Library Film 1,149,515, Samuel and Ellen Linton sealing, April 9, 1868.

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