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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — November 28–December 9, 1884

The adventure this time was tracking down the identity of "Br & Sister Harmon from Orderville." They do not have any living descendants, so I spent a while working on their FamilySearch Family Tree entries, as noted below.

Ann wrote, "Thomas preached for the first done well had my faith & prayer." Her son-in-law Thomas Cottam went on to serve the Church for many years, including as President of the St. George Temple, so he probably preached many sermons, but he had to start somewhere, and he did so with his mother-in-law's faith and prayers. 

Friday [November] 28     Weather warm went to the third ward for Josey took Sister Calkins for a ride had a bad spell

Sat 29     Weather warm I cooked pies & cakes for Sunday

Sun 30     I had Br & Sister Harmon from Orderville to spend the day with us Thomas & Em called and also George & Will Webb I did not go to meeting

Dec Mon 1     Weather delightful I have spent part of the morning hunting for Fathers Green glasses had a letter from Sam

Thus 2     Weather warm went to relief Society was very sick 

Wed 3     had a bad night

Thur 4     Weather pleasant I attended fast meeting

Sat 6     Boiled some fruit made some Jelly

Sun 7     Weather very cold I do not like Father to watch such cold nights went to meeting Thomas preached for the first done well had my faith & prayer

Mon 8     Weather raining made yeast cooked dinner washed dishes

Thus 9     Weather raining did not go to sister Crosby for fear I would take cold I expected ^think^ they quilted

went to the third ward for Josey — Ann took the buggy to pick up Josey from her job teaching in the Third Ward School.

Sister Calkins — Probably Marietta Calkins.

Br & Sister Harmon from OrdervilleGeorge Harman (1826-1903) and Mercy Fagg Harman (1828-1923), possibly acquaintances from England. George Harman was a sailor just like George Jarvis. George and Mercy did not seem to have any living children so I've just done a basic source-and-correct for their Family Tree entries and added this record. I also noticed when I found their FindAGrave gravestone pictures that George had a wife, "Lavina E.H." It took a while to discover her identity as Lavina Elizabeth Hogen, the daughter of Scandinavian immigrants, and merge the applicable records, and add her daughter. Lavina and her newborn daughter Mercy died on March 16, 1884, so it was a difficult year for the Harmans.

Will Webb — Amelia's husband William.

Fathers Green glasses — sunglasses; definitely a necessity in Washington County! This Pinterest board has a number of era-appropriate green glasses.

Father to watch such cold nights — I don't know! Perhaps serving in a volunteer community policing function? What was the outstanding threat in 1884? Federal marshals and plural marriage? The Edmunds Act of 1882 had ramped up federal activity in Utah Territory, so this was a real threat for many families in the community. George was not in personal legal danger; although Mary Webb was sealed to him in 1878, it would not have been considered a marriage.

did not go to sister Crosby — Relief Society at the Crosbys. 

"Rain Brings Rainbows," [pseud.], Lavina and Mercy Harman Gravestone, digital image, FindAGrave, (link).

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