Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Follow-up to "You've been assigned a random ancestor for Memorial Day..."

I finally checked my husband's Memorial Day email from FamilySearch. Here are the results:

Ancestor Column
(Seriously!) The rest may be relatives on a family line, but definitely are not ancestors, including the person named in the email.

Ancestor's Headstones
One of them was fun to see since I am not too familiar with my husband's colonial ancestry.

View My Relationship
The listed connection to Nathaniel Tilden (1583-1641) included an incorrect generation, but despite the error in "View My Relationship" it does look like he is an ancestor.

8/30 = 27% accuracy

In Conclusion...
It looks like FamilySearch needs to keep working on its computer matching, with the caveat that since the matching is using user-generated trees, it is unlikely to reach 100% accuracy. Hopefully most people saw accuracy closer to what I saw. (85%)

I haven't kept track, but fortunately FamilySearch hints seem to have a much higher accuracy rate.

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