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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — January 16–25, 1885

Life in a small town: home-grown music, recreational buggy rides, and the blessings (sometime literal) of a religious community. Charles L. Walker gives a longer account of the January 25th meeting.

Fri 16     Sis Bird ate dinner here Sisters of the relief scy called

Sat 17    Weather fine had a good night rest

Sun 18   Weather pleasant spent the day in going to meeting took Amelia for a ride had a pleasant evening at Ems t^w^ow [two] young men played pl music [indecipherable] one played the dulcimer and the other the bango

Mon 19    Weather warm and bright........

Tuesday 20  went to relief society had a ride

Wed 21     Weather fair went to Ems to a quilting rode in the buggy

Thur 22     Weather pleasant went to see Annie took her for a ride a few blocks went for Josey rode untill five o clock

Friday 23     I went for Josey she is sick

Sater 24     We are sick to day I stayed in bed part of the day at night Br Fawcet and B. [indecipherable] administered to us  Father was much better

[in margin: had letter from Maggie]

Sun 25     Weather pleasant I feel very drowsy went to meeting [page 47] Brs Woodruff and Teasdale preached to us. Also in the first Ward

From Charles Lowell Walker
Jan 25 Pleasant. Went to Meeting. Apostle George Teasdale spoke in a very interesting manner on the absurdities of spiritualism and the powers of darkness which are and would be manifested in the last days, the importance of doing our temple work with acceptance before God, that we might indeed be saviours on Mount Zion. Showed how careful Bishops and presiding men should be in reccomending people to the Temple. Pres Woodroof spoke in an encouraging way to the people. Said he believed that the work done in the Temple would be mostly accepted before the Lord....We were living in perilous times and we should choose to obey the Law of God rather than that of Man. God would fight our battles, and those that were now persecuting us with malicious intent would ere long have trouble enough at their own doors....At night on duty at the Temple. My old friend Addison Everett has passed away. I prepared him for burial a few days ago.

Sis Bird — Probably Jane Mott Carpenter Bird (1810–1891) A native of Connecticut and New York, she had been widowed for five years. FindAGrave notes that the Bird home was on the corner of 100 West and Tabernacle, so not far from the Jarvis family.

Br Fawcet — William Fawcett (1814–1904), a native of England.

Maggie — Her daughter in Arizona.

Brs Woodruff and Teasdale — Apostles Wilford Woodruff and George Teasdale.

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