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Early Mormon Missionaries: Archibald Hill

Archibald Newell Hill was an early Scottish convert from Canada. I have not told his life story yet because it is complicated and at least part of the story should be told in a more formal publishing venue, but here is his entry from the Early Mormon Missionaries database.

Archibald Hill, mission picture, courtesy of Sharon Wilbur.
Hill served three missions. The first was to Europe. Daniel B. Richard's Hill Family History notes, 
Archibald served a mission in 1865 (2 years and 4 months) to Birmingham and Southampton and traveled 3,657 miles by foot; 7,631 miles by railroad; 8,786 miles by water; attended 318 public meetings; preached 253 sermons; and baptized 10 persons. He visited his place of birth and met with an uncle.
On his return to the United States, he headed a large company of immigrants. (See more information at Mormon Migration: Manhattan, Liverpool to New York, 1867).

The second mission call was to Canada with his brother Alexander Hill, Jr. Richards notes that he visited his old home in Essex, Ontario.

Archibald Hill and his three children from his first marriage,
Samuel Hill, Hannah Hood Hill Romney, Rebecca Hood Hill Pettit.
Courtesy of Sharon Wilbur.

His third mission had to do with the intense prosecutions in the late 1880s over plural marriage. Richards notes:
In 1887 he left Utah for Joseph City, Arizona ... He got as far as Springville, Utah and returned to Salt Lake. He was then appointed as a missionary to Arizona and he left again for Joseph City and lived with his nephew, Joseph Richards for almost a year. He visited twice his granddaughter Mary Ann Romney Farr in St. Johns and to Luna Valley, New Mexico where his sister Elizabeth Swapp lived. While in Arizona he received word that his wife Margaret had died. At the end of his visit in Arizona and New Mexico, he left on the train for Salt Lake City and went through Denver where he visited with his “lost daughter” Emma Milam Hill Thomas whom he hadn’t seen for 24 years.
Here are two letters he wrote, provided through the Early Mormon Missionaries database and found at the Church History Library.

Archibald Newell Hill Letter, April 13, 1887, First Presidency Missionary Calls and recommendations, 1877–1918, Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, CR 1 168, box 3, folder 11, image 14, 1–2.

Transcription of the letters, as written, no correction of spelling, but I do not include the periods he uses to keep space.
Lehi April 13/87 [received by Church] A.N. Hill — April 15 — 1887. 
Mr. F.D. Richdards 
My Dear Brother no doubt but you are aware of my arest & Escape may it be wise or folish. I Have ben Led in this way, Now I +^+would^ be Pleased to Know if you Have any advice or Council for me in the futer. I dow acknolidge the Hand of the in the Past. Escape from the Enemy. Now if a mission to Europ Canada or any wheare Els would be of benifit to the Kingdom or My Self & famly I wish to be Like Clay in the Hands of the Potter 
I am now at Lehi with Bro Wm Yates, just arrived by wagon & will wate for an answer from You. My Famly is all Right as for a Livleyhood I Beleive my adress will be 
A. Currie, Lehi, in Care of William Yates 
As Ever Your Brother in the Gosple & // 
A. N. Hill 
P..S. I Believe I Can get a Recommend from my Bishop of the 19th ward if Necesery in Hase [haste, since] the Train is Coming
Archibald Newell Hill Letter, June 17, 1887, First Presidency Missionary Calls and recommendations, 1877–1918, Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, CR 1 168, box 3, folder 11, image 15, 1.
Nephi, Juab. Co     June 17/87 
President F. D. Richards. My Deare Brother 
I Received a Letter Yesterday from Bro. G. Reynolds Stating that I was apointed on a mission, all Right trust I will be of Some use in this great Cause of truth & warfaire, wherever it may be to no place mentioned, I would be glad for a Companion in Labour. 
he wished me to call in the evening the only Safe time I Recon. at the Historan Office. I will notify you which night I can be at Your Servise as I have to be on the Looke out, it will be if all right, the Lord willing Some time next week. May the Lord Bless & Preserve you & all his Servents. as Ever your Brother in Tribulations 
A. N. Hill


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