Monday, February 29, 2016

Early Mormon Missionaries: William Lester Glade

Here is an excerpt from the Early Mormon Missionaries entry for William Lester Glade:
Early Mormon Missionaries
November 1915–April 1918
Central States
Set apart by Jos F Smith
When Lester returned from his missionary service he entered the army. I won't repeat all the information about his missionary and military service, since it's been covered before on the blog, but here are some images. First a program for his missionary farewell, then a card showing him while he was in the military. Note the caption, with its reference to his missionary service ("Reverend"). If I recall correctly, he did not make it overseas to fight in the First World War.

Sgt. W. L. Glade
Camp Lee, Va.
Nov. 28, 1918
Once "Rev."
Now Ready for Over Sea Service!

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