Eminent Women of the St. George Temple

April 2015: I've temporarily switched my attention to writing a book about the 100+ African American slaves in Utah Territory, 1847-1862. I've updated this page to include an overview of some of my writing, both traditional and online publishing.

The Eminent Women of the St. George Temple

The framework for this series of biographies is Wilford Woodruff's dream or vision about the Founding Fathers and his need to do their temple work in the brand new St. George Temple (1877). He also had the temple work done for fifty eminent men of the world, and he and Lucy Bigelow Young did temple work for the women in the George Washington family, plus seventy eminent women of the world.

Note that the names of the eminent men and women came out of a set of books by Evert A. Duyckinck, Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women of Europe and America.

This series, published at Keepapitchinin: The Mormon History Blog, highlights sixty-one amazing women from St. George, Utah, and surrounding communities, who helped Wilford Woodruff complete the temple work project. It also tells the story of the women whose work was done.

Introduction: The Eminent Women of the St. George Temple

Martha Washington and Lucy Bigelow Young

Ann Fairfax Washington Lee

Susanna Mehitable Rogers Sangiovanni Pickett Keate

Anna Charlotte Eldridge Hinkle Chidester and Charlotte Corday

Mary O'Connell
Rose Jarvis

Ann Crosby Thomas

Christiane von Goethe

Roseinia (Rose) Sylvester Jarvis

Isabell Hill Romney Platt and Charlotte von Schiller 

Mary Lockwood Ross Kemp and Lady Sydney Morgan

Matilda Hoffman
Eliza Lund

Eliza Ann (Grazen) Brace Lund

Mary Parker Chidester

Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Jennett Potter Oxborrow and Mary Philipse Morris

Caroline Blake Hardy

Jane Mary Nugent Burke

Jean Armour Burns

Elizabeth Thomas Morse
Elizabeth Morse

Lucy Bigelow Bunch and Sarah Creagh Philpot Curran

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Disclaimer about the Eminent Women of the St. George Temple project: Since the subject of baptisms for the dead gets some press from time to time, church policy is, and has been for years, that church members should do the temple work only for their own ancestors and family, and close personal friends with the permission of their immediate families.