The Tanner Family (Parkinson, Overson, Jarvis)

Each ancestor is shown below with birth and death dates and links to material regarding that ancestor on this site. Additional non-ancestor spouses are listed in parentheses. Only actual marriages are listed, not temple sealings.

Generation One

1 Wallace Ove Tanner

Generation Two

Generation Three

4 Henry Martin Tanner (1852-1935)
(4 Emma Ellen Stapley Tanner (1862-1933))

6 Henry Christian Overson (1868-1947)
Generation Four

8 Sidney Tanner (1809-1895)
(8 Louisa Conlee Tanner (1811-1846))
(8 Rachael Scott Neyman Fullmer Tanner (1832-1912))
 *Sidney Tanner was married to Mary Ann Neyman Nickerson Tanner Tanner, a widow with four living children who had previously been sealed to his brother John Joshua, but I don't know anything more about that. They didn't have children. He was also sealed to Amy Salina Burk, the deceased sister-in-law of his daughter Lydia Tanner Burk, and Lucelia Shepherd, the deceased sister of his wife Julia Ann Shepherd Tanner. These were both proxy sealings to make sure all the temple work was done for both of these relatives, as was sometimes done back then.

10 Thomas Parkinson (1830-1906)
 11 Mary Ann Bryant Porter Parkinson (1826-1905)
(11 John Porter (1812-1892))

12 Ove Christian Oveson (1840-1924)

15 Margaret Jarvis (1857-1934)

Generation Five

16 John Tanner (1778-1850)
17 Lydia Stewart Tanner (1773-1825)
(16 Tabitha Bentley Tanner (1780-1801))
(16 Elizabeth Beswick Tanner (1803-1890))

18 Samuel Shepherd (1790-1877)
19 Roxalana Ray Shepherd (1790-1832)

20 James Parkinson (1806-1870)

22 Samuel Bryant (1799-1863)
23 Sarai Stapley Bryant (1803-1857)

24 Jens Andreas Oveson (1816-1905)
(24 Anne Neilsine Carlson Oveson (1843-1877))
 (24 Mariane Iversen Olsen Nielsen Oveson (1846-1940))

26 Jens Christensen (1819-1866)
(26 Kristine Jensen Huborn (-))

28 Joseph George Defriez (1821-1887)

(29 George Baker (1819-1887))
30 George Jarvis (1823-1913)
 31 Ann Prior Jarvis (1829-1913)
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The pictures of Julia Shepherd Tanner, Rachael Scott Neyman Tanner, Elizabeth Beswick Tanner, George Baker, and Samuel Shepherd's grave are from their FindaGrave entries.