Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morgan Family Gravestones

Many thanks to a descendant of John and Helen Groesbeck Morgan who sent photos of the gravestones of John Morgan and his wives.

Here is the newspaper article written by a committee of Southern States missionaries taking up a collection to purchase the marker for John Morgan's grave.

John Hamilton Morgan
8 August 1842 (Greensburg, Indiana) - 14 August 1894 (Preston, Idaho)

Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan
7 February 1852 (Springfield, Illinois) - 15 June 1930 (Los Angeles, California)

Annie Mildred Smith Morgan
(Different dates and birth places listed from 1844 in Indiana to 1864 in England) - 3 April 1935

Mary Ann Linton Morgan
11 February 1865 (Nephi, Utah) - 16 March 1951 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

See additional information on the graves here.

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