Friday, May 22, 2009

Morgan Family Gravestone Locations

Happy Memorial Day!

In memory of John Hamilton Morgan and his wives, here are the locations of their graves in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, as well as several of the Groesbeck family.

John Hamilton Morgan
Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan
Maria (Polly) Bovee Groesbeck (Helen Melvina's grandmother)

Nicholas Groesbeck (Helen Melvina's father)
Elizabeth Thompson Groesbeck (Helen Melvina's mother)

Annie Mildred Smith Morgan
Center Street and 445 North
Go east from Center Street six headstones
Go north from 445 North 33 headstones

Mary Linton Morgan
1150 East and 355 North
Go north from 355 North ten headstones
Go west from 1150 East 22 headstones

Thanks to Morgan descendant Bessie S. for sending this information and the photos of the family markers. For the other photos, see the post Morgan Family Gravestones.

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