Monday, August 17, 2009

George and Ann Prior Jarvis Family Association

Over the past few years Mark Jarvis has put together a great web site for the descendants of George and Ann Prior Jarvis.

See the site for genealogy information and pictures and stories as well as contact information for the Family Association and its president, Jess Jarvis. A family reunion was held this summer and pictures are on the Jarvis family website and a report of the reunion on Mormanity. Another reunion is being planned for August 2010 in St. George, Utah.

The major sources on the Jarvis family are the books:
Kleinman, Mary Miles. The Essence of Faith. Springville, UT: Art City Publishing Co., 1973. (This is historical fiction, so it should not be used as a factual resource.)

Overson, Margaret Godfrey Jarvis. George Jarvis And Joseph George De Friez Genealogy. Mesa, Ariz: M.J. Overson, 1957.
For information about George and Ann Prior Jarvis you can also see the following posts on this blog:
And a question for anyone who may visit this site. Does anyone know who has Margaret Jarvis Overson's original photographs? She had hundreds of original photos and photographic plates or negatives of the Jarvis ancestors and family and descendants. They are reproduced in her book, but the quality is not as good as originals would be. Please contact me at the email address listed on the blog sidebar if you have any information or know where even a portion of the collection would be. Thank you!

[Note, December 25, 2012: we have an update to the question in the previous paragraph. The question was answered last Christmas. Another Christmas Surprise. Also see the post The Ongoing Story of the Jarvis-Overson Photography Collection to see a link to some media coverage of the historic collection.]

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