Friday, November 6, 2009

Henry and Eliza Tanner's Trip to Arizona, Part 4

On March 21, 1877, they left the river and started on their way. The trip from here to the San Francisco Peaks proved to be the most trying of the trip. Roads were bad and heavy and the animals grew weary. Water was scarce and uncertain.

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Hualapai Valley (approximately) to Hackberry to Fort Valley (Flagstaff)

To quote the Bushman diary, "From the river south, the roads were sandy and hard to go along. We had to make considerable roads which delayed us some. Water being so scarce, we divided the company. Came to Walaipi [Hualapai] Valley thirty miles long and ten miles wide, but no water.

"On Monday, April 2nd, came to Hackberry, a little mining camp. On the 3rd came to the old Beal[e] road that was used in 1852.* This road will take us past the San Francisco Mountains to the little settlements on the Little Colorado River. On April 13th, the first part of the company arrived at Fort Valley by the San Francisco Mountain. They remained there until April 20th when all the company came. All rested here until the 24th when they started for the Little Colorado."

*If you read the link about the Beale Road, it mentions that Lt. Edward Beale brought camels into Arizona to aid in the construction of this road. Syrian Hadji Ali (Hi Jolly) and the 77 camels of the U.S. Camel Corps are remembered to this day. The road was constructed in the late 1850s, though, not 1852.

Excerpt from George S. Tanner, Henry Martin Tanner: Joseph City Arizona Pioneer, 1964, p 16. Some minor editing corrections made to the text.

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