Monday, November 16, 2009

Henry and Eliza Tanner's Trip to Arizona, Part 6

[The missionaries to the Arizona settlements had split up to travel through the arid areas of northern Arizona.]

On April 20th when they started they had not gone far when they discovered the animals of the Bushman party. They caught them and put two of them into their team which was badly needed. The rest of the animals were rounded up and driven loose by Henry Tanner while his wife drove the team.

Before night they reached the mountain and found all the members of the two parties who had preceded them.

"While in this valley our Brin ox died from eating some poisonous week, we thought. We now found it impossible to take the ox team farther as we only had one ox out of four left." [Quote from the Bushman diary?]

At this point, John Hunt exchanged five horned animals and his light wagon for a fresh team of horses. He also exchanged another span of weary horses for a fresh team and a saddle horse. It was later learned that this latter exchange of horses was made possible because the owner had slain his partner and wanted to get rid of the horses which might be used as evidence against him. "We now had fairly good teams and we left the San Francisco Valley [the Flagstaff area]."

Excerpt from George S. Tanner, Henry Martin Tanner: Joseph City Arizona Pioneer, 1964, p 17. Some minor editing corrections made to the text.

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