Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marsden Family: The Survey, Part 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently realized that I do not have much information on the Marsden family. 

I was a little puzzled how to start researching the family until I remembered that I recently wrote a guide to Tracing Mormon Pioneer Ancestors. So I will go through the steps of that process with the Marsden family over the next several weeks.

First is the Survey: a look at family records, FamilySearch, New Family Search, and RootsWeb.

Family Records

In my Reunion file I have the names and some dates and places of Charles Marsden and his wife Mary Ann Hancock Marsden and their daughter Lucy Marsden Green, but no other children in the family. None of the facts are sourced except for the ordinances, which are linked to a prior digital generation of the records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Ordinance Index.

My RootsMagic file, which is my working file, has several children added from the 1851-1881 England census. Here is a copy of the first page. As you can see, there are several conflicting dates and places.

Next is a look into my file box containing family history information from my grandmother. 

The Lucy Green-Marsden file is entirely empty.

Next is a look at my grandmother's file box containing legal-sized documents. There is a "Green, Henry" folder, and it has multiple research notes and family group sheets and pedigree charts. There is also a catalog of Henry Green's letters, but the letters are not included. (Sigh. I am deeply appreciative for all the work my grandmother did, but I am trying hard not to leave my files in a scrambled condition, and since I now have the benefit of the internet I am trying to make all the materials and pictures available in multiple places on the internet, for the benefit of all the descendants of these people.)

And that's all for today. I will continue with a look at FamilySearch and NewFamilySearch and RootsWeb, as well as present the materials from my grandmother's' files.

To be continued...

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