Friday, May 18, 2012

Hannah Hill Romney Album: Men in Pompadours

Here are the next two pictures. With the Prince Albert coat, the fact that the picture was taken in London, the book in his hands (scriptures?), and the fact that the picture was found in Hannah Hill Romney's album this is probably a missionary. Which missionary would it be? It is someone close enough to make it into the family album.


The only reference I can find to G. Flower is a note about an ambrotype for sale. Westminster Bridge Road is just south/east of the Thames, and was the location of Astley's Theatre, as noted on the photograph.

This man is not Archibald Hill and it's not Samuel Hill. Is it Miles Park Romney? I've never seen a picture of him at any other age besides this:

It doesn't look like it. Miles Park was in England when he was 18-21 years old, and this man looks substantially older. Could it be his father, Miles Romney? I seem to remember that he served as a missionary; I don't know whether it was before he emigrated or afterwards.

Miles Romney, the father of Miles Park Romney.

Could the picture from the album be a Hill uncle? There are several possibilities there, but I don't know if any of them served a mission in England. I'll try and follow up on this detail another time.

And, another picture from the album, a young man perhaps also wearing his hair in a pompadour (see this link for a discussion of 1900s pompadours, which is the wrong time frame, but the same or a similar hairstyle):

The back side of this picture does not have a photographer's mark. Could this be Miles Park Romney? The picture looks like it was taken in the 1860-1870 time period, which would make this young man be the right age to be Miles Park. Perhaps someone in the extended Romney family has a known photograph of Miles Park at this age to compare.

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  1. One way to date these pictures for sure would be to pin down the time period that men were wearing their hair like this. Since it was a passing fad, it would be a pretty good indicator of the time period.