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Ann Prior Jarvis Diary — August 19–31, 1884

Tus 19     Weather cool spent the day winding yarn ect
     Anne helped us cut plums Br Randle child died
     Mrs Nelson is very bad

Salt Lake Herald, August 30, 1884, 4.

Wed 20     Weather pleasant I had a bad night was in misery from one untill three not feeling very well to day
     I had a ride to night I hope that will do me good
     heard a nother Br is shot for preaching glad tidings

Thur 21     Weather fair

Granddaughter Susie Milne a number of years later upon her marriage to her cousin William.

F 22     Weather fine boiled some fruit went riding for an hour in the evening had Susie Milne with me  suffered very much a few hours in the first hours of the night

Sat 23     Weather a slight shower thundering Windy Sister Forsyth called in to day went for a ride took Anne had a good ride I hope I shal have a good night

Sun 24     Weather fine The flag is at half mast a meeting will be held to pay respect to our Murdered Bro

Mon 25      Weather fair rode up to the store received a letter from Heber Will D made a mistake in our little bill

"Will D" or William Defriez, Charles Defriez Jarvis's brother.

Tus 26     Weather calm attended to fruit went to meeting. but no one came only Vine Farnsworth I persuaded Amelia to go & Ane went we want Sister Crosby home again.

Hannah Baldwin Crosby. Things just weren't the same with the president out of town.

Wed 27     Weather fine put down some sweet pic^k^els was sick in the evening

Thu 28     Weather bright

Fri 29     Weather very warm attended George Cannons funeral it was a very large one Josey & I rode in ^the Evening^

Sat 30     Weather very warm nights cool put down some fruit

Sun 31     went to meeting. took Amelia for ride T & Em came in the ^evening^

From Charles Lowell Walker's Diary
Frid 29 Aug 1884 Hot weather. At 2 P.M. attended the funeral of George Q Cannon, aged 18, son of D H Cannon. Remarks were made by Br Eyring, Smith, Thos Judd, and Whitehead appropriate to the occasion. Br C Smith spoke very clear on the principle of Power being connected with the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood, showing that we came on this Earth on purpose to form associations. Those being Sanctioned by God were of a holy Nature, consequently eternal, and should be prized very much by the People of God.

Br Randle child — Mary Alice Randall, the daughter of Joseph and Louisa Hall Randall. The dates don't match in the diary and obituary. The burial records state August 20th, so Ann Jarvis could be off a day in her diary, but she had the dates correct elsewhere on this page. (Relief Society, Cannon funeral.) In any case, I've added the obituary to Mary's Family Tree entry. I've been adding diary pages to Family Tree entries when she provides interesting family history information about a variety of people.

Mrs Nelson — There are several options including Mary Alice Thompson Nelson and Selina Palfreyman Nelson (1843-1930). Mary Alice was mentioned recently in the diary. Selina had recently given birth, so perhaps she was meant.

heard a nother Br is shot for preaching glad tidings — I believe this was part of the rumors and misinformation that spread in the national media after the Cane Creek Massacre. Certain news outlets were reporting that one or both of the other elders at the scene had been shot.

Susie Milne — Probably her granddaughter, Anne Jarvis Milne's oldest daughter, Susan Young Jarvis Milne, named after Anne's husband's first wife. Susie was eleven years old at this time.

Sister Forsyth — Because of the way Ann talks about people, this is probably Mary Browett Forsyth (1823-1915), the mother of her daughter-in-law, Mary Forsyth Jarvis.

flag is at half mast —A commemoration of the murder of the two missionaries at Cane Creek, John Gibbs and William Berry.

Will D —I don't see any other William or Wilford D's, so this seems to be William Defriez, the brother of Charles Defriez Jarvis. Yes, the identification is correct. The Jarvis-Defriez history notes that he worked for many years in the Woolley Lund & Judd store.

Vine Farnsworth — That does seem to say "Vine" Farnsworth. There was a Lovina Johnson Farnsworth, but she had children listed in FamilySearch as being born in Kanab in 1883 and 1885. However, she was married in St. George, and her in-laws Moses and Elizabeth Jane Stewart Farnsworth lived in St. George, so she could have been there in 1884.

we want Sister Crosby home again — Due to the vicissitudes of doing research at the Church History Library, the last time I was able to spend any research time there I ended up with the histories of the Second, Third, and Fourth Wards, but not the First Ward. (Arrgh.) Okay. This information is listed in the back of Relief Society Memories. (Whew.) As I suspected, this refers to Hannah Baldwin Crosby (1820-1907), the wife of Jesse Wentworth Crosby, and the president of the First Ward Relief Society. She is one of my Eminent Women. I have not written her biography yet, but she was an amazing woman. This was a difficult time for her family, and she may have been visiting the Nevada settlements when this was written.

George Cannons funeral — George Quayle Cannon (1866-1884), the son of David Henry Cannon and Wilhelmina Logan Mousely Cannon. George was a first cousin of Ann's daughter-in-law Eleanor. Note that this is not, of course, Eleanor's uncle George Q. Cannon who was in the First Presidency of the Church at the time.

T & Em — Son-in-law Thomas Cottam and daughter Emmaline Jarvis Cottam.

Crosby, Samuel W. Jesse Wentworth Crosby: Mormon Preacher — Pioneer — Man of God. n.p., n.p., 1977, 98-101.

Dewsnup, Verna L., and Katharine M. Larson. Relief Society Memories: A History of Relief Society in St. George Stake : 1867-1956. Springville, Utah: St. George Stake Relief Society, 1956, 152.

MEEddy [pseud.], "Hannah Elida Baldwin Crosby, Taken in St. George," [photograph], FamilySearch Family Tree, (Source).

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