Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marsden Family: RootsWeb

In RootsWeb, there are 25 results for Mary Ann Hancock with spouse Charles Marsden. Each entry shows how much information is included. I don't bother to look at entries that don't show a person entry, family tree, and documentation. (See icons beneath name.)

Here is a summary of the entries with multiple icons:

1-3) Shows a line of descent running through daughter Harriet Marsden Gaunt. Harriet seems to have died in England in 1867. Her widowed husband, William Gaunt, may have gone to the United States, since their daughter Elizabeth Gaunt married John Tavennor Snelson and they had a son, William Edward Snelson, born in 1892 in Salt Lake City, Utah. So Harriet did not make it to Utah, but some of her family did. Trees 2 and 3 show added information that Elizabeth Gaunt Snelson died in Salt Lake City in 1921. All these lines seem to have duplicated information for some of the children. (Trees submitted by 794468, 92052, and a44830.)

4) Shows a line of descent running through James Marsden. (Tree submitted by bevangenealogy25.)

5) Shows descent through Ann Eliza Marsden Hitesman. She went to Utah and married there and seems to have remained there. (Tree submitted by ldshistorical.)

6) Shows James's line again. (Tree submitted byterrijpt1.)

7) Shows a line of descent through Eliza Marsden Brailsford. The family was in Derbyshire at least through 1867. The family tree shows that Eliza died in 1867, but I would need to double check this information since Harriet is shown to have died that same year. Unlikely. The family tree shows that after 1867 at least part of the family went to Utah including Eliza's widowed husband. (Tree submitted bygenlady2.)

8) Shows line through James Marsden. (Tree submitted by greendragonfly.)

9) Wood Family Tree. Shows lines of descent through eight children. This is the first tree that has documented information citing censuses and parish records and other information, so this is the first tree out of all those listed that I would actually cite as a source. (Tree submitted by woody65.)

In previous years I would have used the last family tree as a resource, but now I usually construct my own from primary and secondary sources on Ancestry, checking all the information and lists of children against family records, NewFamilySearch, and published sources. I'll probably check this family tree against my compiled tree to see if it has any additional leads.

To be continued...

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