Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lester Glade Posts

That's all the information I have for now on William Lester Glade. To conclude this work on his life story, I checked to make sure that his genealogical information was correct in Ancestry and New Family Search and in my genealogy files, and all the dates and places and people seem to be correct.

Lester, Ann, Lucile, and Roger.

Next, I will be moving on to biographical information about Lester's wife Lucy Lucile Green Glade, starting tomorrow with a history that Beverly and I wrote in 1998. It will take two weeks (ten weekdays) to post the history.

If you have any more information (letters, photos, etc.) on any of these ancestors or their children and would like to share them with the family, please send them to me at the email address listed on the sidebar. Documents and photos are best scanned at at least 300 dpi and I can use documents in most common formats.

Here are links to the posts about Lester Glade.

William Lester Glade Biography:  
William Lester Glade Funeral
Part 1: Remarks by Bishop Preston Parkinson
Part 2: Opening prayer by James H. Sullivan
Part 3: Remarks by Rulon J. Sperry
Part 4: Cont.
Part 5: Remarks by Bryant S. Hinckley
Part 6: Remarks by Spencer W. Kimball
Part 7: Cont.
Part 8: Cont.
Part 9: Cont.
Part 10: Cont.
Part 11: Remarks by Bishop Parkinson and closing prayer by George Blair Glade


  1. I love this picture, I haven't seen it before! Isn't Grandmother G. pretty!?

  2. Yes, and there's another picture with Lucile and the same two grandchildren that is one of my favorites -- I'll be posting it in Lucile's life story.